Kenton and Nathan’s Hills are part of a series of Kijabe hill

Kenton and Nathan’s Hills are part of a series of Kijabe hills that found on the Kikuyu Escarpment. The Kenton Hill rises to an altitude of , 2,500m asl while Nathan’s hill is on the former white highland reaching 2,800m asl.
The hike starts along Nairobi / Naivasha road, the first Kijabe hill is currently known as KENTON, then we go through Old Kijabe town to new Kijabe town, Hit a series of sharp ascends to Korio village, Mbau-ini village and then the last hill Nathan’s to Magina shopping center past Mai-Mahiu which goes all the way up and across to the Nairobi / Nakuru road. (Finish line)

This is the first prep hike for Mt. Kenya / Mt. Kilimanjaro participants.

- You MUST have an adventurous spirit

Dress code:-
- Casual slacks or cargo pants
- Comfy hiking shoes (No Sandals, No doll Shoes, No Bata Ngomas, No shorts & def. No skirts)
- Carry an extra T-Shirt (Always)

What to carry:-
- A medium backpack to carry your lunch and snacks.
- Packed lunch and something extra to share with our guides and new found friends
- A jacket or something warm for the cold morning and evening
- Rain gear or water proof gear just in-case.
- Hat / cap for sun protection (Plenty of sun there)
- Snacks, energy bars etc.
- Sun screen
- Flashlight or headlamp
- Extra water 3 - 4 ltrs.

Cost :- KSh. 2,500
Citizens / Residents / Non-Residents
- Round trip transport
- Guide and community fees
- 1 ltr bottled water

***All reservations require a minimum deposit of KSh. 1,300 by July 2nd. 2019

Payment Mode
Go to Mpesa menu
Select ‘Lipa na Mpesa’
- Select 'Pay bill'
- Business number #400200
- Acct number #01148108758900
- Amount

All transaction must be confirmed with Xtrym Adventures Staff on 0717261033

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